Graduating sixth-graders receive recognition

Graduating sixth-graders receive recognition
Posted on 06/15/2020
Sixth-grade graduation at Indian Valley AcademyHigh school seniors weren’t the only Plumas Charter School students receiving recognition at the beginning of June—teachers and staff also celebrated graduating sixth-graders. Incorporating social distancing guidelines, personalized ceremonies were held, and teachers shared individual memories and special gifts.

For PCS students at both the Greenville Learning Center and the Quincy Learning Center, moving from sixth to seventh grade means entering not just a new phase of education—middle school—but also a new school facility. As GLC Site Coordinator Andre Essue pointed out, this type of transition, which can be very meaningful in a young person’s life, is a worthy reason for celebration and community recognition.

In Indian Valley, students graduate from GLC, which serves students in transitional kindergarten through sixth grade, to Indian Valley Academy in Taylorsville, which serves students in grades seven through 12.

In Quincy, PCS students attend classes at three temporary locations while the school progresses with plans for a permanent facility. When sixth-graders graduate, they move from classes at 546 Lawrence St., which serves students in grades three through six, to those at 80 Main St., which serves students in grades seven through 12.

“We salute the growth and accomplishments of our students who have completed elementary school,” said PCS Executive Director Taletha Washburn. “We look forward to seeing them continue to learn and grow as they enter middle school.”

Indian Valley
During the evening of June 4, sixth-graders from Greenville Learning Center participated in a graduation vehicle caravan in Taylorsville. As graduates and their families and friends pulled up to the Indian Valley Academy building, maintaining social distancing, they were met with personalized remarks from teacher Jennifer Van Acker.

In addition to sharing her own favorite memories about each student, Van Acker also read statements from the students themselves, in which they listed their favorite aspects of school and the supportive adults in their lives.

Essue and Outdoor Education Coordinator Courtney Gomola were on hand to help hand out special gifts. The gifts and decorations followed a world travel theme; Van Acker and Essue acknowledged extensive assistance from GLC parents in presenting the event. Parents volunteer to help through the Mountain Valley Parents Club, which is an independent nonprofit organization supporting PCS.

After each individual ceremony, the vehicles—many of which were decorated—performed a celebratory lap around the block.

In Quincy, sixth-grade teacher Cindy Thackeray visited each of her students at their homes June 3. She delivered gifts and also made individual videos about each student that the whole class shared via Zoom.

Plumas Charter School also serves students in transitional kindergarten through 12th grade at the Chester Learning Center. To learn more about all of the school’s learning centers, navigate to the Learning Centers tab.

By Ingrid Burke, Public Relations Specialist
[email protected]

In the photo: Greenville Learning Center teacher Jennifer Van Acker offers individualized remarks to each of her sixth-graders as they participate with their families in a graduation caravan in Taylorsville on June 4. Plumas Charter School honored sixth-graders while respecting social distancing guidelines. Photo by Ingrid Burke

Greenville Learning Center sixth-grade graduation notes by Jennifer Van Acker

Welcome graduate, family members, and staff. It is an honor to be part of this celebration: the 2020 sixth-grade drive-up graduation ceremony for our Greenville Learning Center students.
I'm going to make this short and sweet.

Isabella, you are thoughtful, helpful, and kind. I sure am going to miss seeing you walk through the classroom door -- or shall we say being one of the first ones to pop up on our Google Meets! We have shared some great memories together, my favorite being our trip to the Johnsville ski park and watching your eyes light up with excitement and uncertainty as you sledded down the ski hill! Sharing your first experience of sledding was truly special!

Dalton, you are the funniest smarty pants I have ever had the pleasure of teaching. We have shared many great memories together. My favorite memory we have shared was our trip to Indian Falls when you quote unquote jumped into the water! You sure are a true prankster and I am really going to miss you next year!

Marley, you are a true blue student! Always willing to go the extra mile to make sure your assignments are to the best of your ability! Well done! I sure am going to miss seeing your beautiful personality walk through the door or, more appropriately, on our Google Meets! My favorite memory of you was trying to capture your beautiful smile on camera, even if you didn’t want to have your picture taken!

Mason -- wow, Mason, I am truly impressed with the way you conquered the distance learning platforms! You certainly stepped in up and soared your way into seventh grade! My favorite memory of you was witnessing your facial expressions when something weird or peculiar was happening. You are a true character; never lose that willingness to be silly!

Treyton: what can say about Treyton? I sure am going to miss your quirkiness and hilarious character! You have shown true growth this year and I feel you are ready to take your next adventure into the unknown (well, seventh grade, of course)! My favorite memory of you is when we literally kept you on a leash at Indian Falls! It worked! You survived, right?

Kenny, I sure am going to miss your smile and your willingness to try hard. You sure have put forth the effort this year! Keep up the good work, because you will definitely need it for next year. You got this! My favorite memory with you was at the Oroville Fish Hatchery watching the fish literally go into a feeding frenzy after we all tossed the fish food into the canal. They reminded us of piranhas! Good times!

Kadee: Hey beautiful! I sure am going to miss the BEST teacher’s assistant EVER! You always seemed to know what I wanted before I even knew. Whether it be a pencil, my phone, my brain! My favorite memory of you was watching your facial expressions go crazy as you listened to Treyton explain the mathematical world to the class! I’m sure your facial expression matched the thoughts of others!