Kindergarten Health Requirements

If you are the parent/guardian of a TK/K student, welcome to Plumas Charter School!

It is our goal to keep your student safe and healthy while at school. As you start this educational journey with your student, there are some health-related requirements and paperwork that need to be addressed. Please review the following:

Physical Examination Report for School Entry
Please make an appointment with your student’s healthcare provider. This must be on file no later than first grade.

Health Questionnaire for Kindergarten Parents
This form allows us to get to know your student better from a health perspective so we may support him/her appropriately while at school.

Oral Health Assessment
Please make an appointment with your student’s dentist or licensed dental hygienist for an oral health assessment. This must be on file by May of your student's first year.

Immunization Requirements
We must have proof of required immunizations on file before your student starts school. Please see the Immunizations page for more information.

Parents have the option to waive the physical and dental examination. Please submit the following forms if you choose this option:
Waiver of Health Examination for School Entry
Oral Health Assessment Form (Waiver- Section 3)

If you have any questions regarding any of these health-related requirements, or if you need to discuss resources for medical/dental access, please contact the school nurse. If your student has any medical issues, or takes medication, please contact the school nurse to discuss his/her needs while under our care. There may be additional paperwork we will need to keep on file.