Mandi Fullerton is our regi-STAR!

Staff Spotlight: Mandi Fullerton
Posted on 09/12/2023

Usually one of the first faces to greet students at Plumas Charter School’s Quincy Learning Center, Mandi Fullerton is the regi-STAR of the business office. 

Her official title is registrar but if you spend any time at the Quincy campus, you will quickly learn that her role exceeds managing student registration.  Her office is oftentimes a safe-space for students to decompress during the school day, and staff members rarely walk by her window without popping in to say hello. 

During an interview, her colleagues praised her ability to connect with students and her work ethic. “Behind the scenes, Mandi is very instrumental and goes above and beyond,” said Phil Rader, Quincy site director. As a new staff member, he appreciated the time she spent onboarding new employees during the summer. Rhonda Wayson, community resource coordinator said that “Mandi has her finger on the pulse of the school and creates a family with her co-workers and the students.” Mandi, admittedly uncomfortable with the praise and attention, said that “the success of the team at PCS is my success.” 

Mandi has worked for PCS for eight years; first as an instructional aide, then administrative assistant and now her current position as registrar. She is also a founding member of Mountain Valley Parents Club where she served as club president for two years. She said her favorite part of her job is helping people. “I’ve loved helping and caretaking since I was young and I’m able to be a helper in this role. It’s rewarding to feel like I make a difference with our students,” she said. 

Mandi grew up in southeast Wyoming where she graduated from Laramie College. She moved to California in 2002, first living in Redding and then moving to Quincy. Mandi is married with two children and fell in love with Plumas County because everyone was so welcoming when they arrived, reminding her of home. She has one child currently attending PCS and one that graduated. “I’ve always felt like my kids (and all of the PCS students) are more than just an ID number. We can’t always meet every need but we really try and we listen and respect all of our students and families,” she said.

After work, you can find Mandi continuing to caretake, but instead of students, it's kittens that she nurses to health until they can be adopted. Even her cat allergy doesn’t stop her from fostering and she reveals that the task has become her happy place, especially after a stressful day. She also enjoys reading, researching new topics, classic french-vanilla ice cream and daydreaming about a trip to Ireland. 

One of Mandi’s favorite sayings is “People will forget what you said and did, but they will never forget how you made them feel.” She remembers two staff members during her time in school that inspired and supported her. “I would have chosen a very different life path had it not been for them. That is always my inspiration, I know first hand what a difference a staff member can make in a struggling student’s life.”

Thank you for all that you do, Mandi! Plumas Charter School appreciates you and your contribution to student success.

By Rachel Goings, Public Relations Specialist  [email protected]