About PCS

Plumas Charter School is committed to providing our rural communities with educational opportunities and flexibility that support students in reaching their individual potential. Our core values are compassion, perseverance, integrity and responsiveness.  

Academic Program

Personalized Learning
Plumas Charter is a K-12 personalized learning school. This means that curriculum, instruction, organization, and pacing are considered in the planning of each student's personalized learning plan. The student’s interests, goals, strengths, challenges, optimum learning style, and personality are all taken into consideration when student, family, and teacher meet to plan the course of study. 

PCS offers a variety of curricula and instruction: a selection of state-approved textbooks, classes, tutoring, online courses, literature and original sources, and customized combinations of the above. A careful selection is made for each student and fine-tuned, if need be, as the year progresses.

Plumas Charter School’s entire academic program is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. Because PCS is a California public school, our curriculum is built upon the California Content Standards. We encourage parents to familiarize themselves with the standards in order to gain insight into their students’ educational path.

High School

Earning a Plumas Charter School diploma requires the accumulation of 220 units. In order to graduate from PCS, a student must fulfill the California mandated requirements for high school graduation.   PCS transcripts bear the WASC accreditation seal.

Parent Involvement
Plumas Charter School has a staff of outstanding California credentialed teachers, but we consider parental support and involvement to be an important component of student success. We encourage parents to take an active role in their children’s education, and we welcome parent questions and requests for clarification of their child’s academic program. We will also provide training to interested parents. Parents are not expected to be experts—a willingness to be involved is what is most important to your child. There are many ways to be involved and show your support, and PCS will help you to find the best way to be part of this exciting

CAASPP Testing
All California public schools, including charter schools, are required to administer standardized tests. The State of California ties our funding and the renewal of our charter to the participation of our students in the annual California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP) tests. For this reason, all Plumas Charter School students agree, when signing their master agreements, that they will take the tests in the spring (except those in grades not included in the testing). We make every attempt to ensure that testing days are relaxed and positive times when students can enjoy a change of routine. Most importantly, PCS works to make sure that students are given ample opportunity to acquire the skills and become familiar with the concepts on which they will be tested. Students who understand the material on the tests tend to feel proud and successful rather than anxious or frustrated.  

Please reach out to your child's teacher for information and guidance on helping students prepare for testing. Lots of rest the night before and a healthy breakfast the morning of test day are very helpful!

MOU with Plumas Unified School District

Plumas Charter School maintains a memorandum of understanding with Plumas Unified School District, in order to establish funding sources, support services, and compliance. Read the full document by clicking the button below.
Comprehensive MOU 2020-21