Kiley McMillan

Kiley McMillan
Posted on 06/12/2023

From Quincy to Wyoming, recent Plumas Charter School graduate Kiley McMillan heads to Western Welding Academy (WWA) in Gillette, WY this fall. 

Kiley won't be starting out as a novice welder, either. She obtained her 2G welding certification this spring from Feather River College through PCS’ dual-enrollment program. Her FRC instructor Jesse Lazzorino also employed Kiley as an apprentice at his fabrication shop, Lazzorino Machine Works in East Quincy. 

During the apprenticeship, she worked in the shop three days a week. She said that she assisted on many of his projects, cutting, prepping, painting and also got to weld together forks for a forklift that a customer needed. “There is still so much I can learn, but I am thankful to have found a knowledgeable mentor as I begin my career path,” she said. 

Kiley was introduced to WWA when she competed in a welding competition on campus. While there, she was able to tour the school and fell in love with the program offerings and the amazing instructors. She even walked away from the competition with a $1,000 scholarship. “I’m enrolled in a six-month program and I plan to do this debt free, or with as little debt as possible.” Kiley said.  

Her career goals are to graduate the program with at least a 6G welding certification and start an apprenticeship to become a pipe welder. Kiley attributes the flexible structure of PCS to preparing her for life after graduation and also some influential teachers; Brittini Wade, Casey Peters, Mandi Fullerton, Hannah Stewart and Mr. Stafford. “They taught me how to prioritize activities, patience and to trust in my own abilities, but also how to know when to ask for help,” she said. 

When Kiley isn’t welding, you might find her drawing, painting, snowboarding, lifting weights or hiking. She said that one of her favorite memories from her time at PCS was having coffee and hot cocoa with her friends during a backpacking trip. “It will forever be my favorite memory as we were all together, no words can explain how much I loved it, and how much I miss those days.” 

We are so proud of you Kiley, good luck in WY!

By Rachel Goings, Public Relations Specialist

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