Demolition starts work at new facility

Demolition starts on-the-ground work at new facility
Posted on 09/12/2018
Norm Lambert uses his excavator to pull down an old building on the site of PCS's new facility.

On-the-ground work at the site of Plumas Charter School’s new facility began Sept. 7 with demolition when Norm Lambert used an excavator to pull down an old house at the corner of Kelsey Lane and Quincy Junction Road.

According to PCS office manager Maggie Hennessy, the house was built in the 1940s by a Chico family that ran cattle seasonally on the nearby Leonhardt and Bresciani properties.

Hennessy said that the school has decided to keep the adjacent barn, lilac bushes, and small retaining wall to use as part of the new facility’s garden/outdoor learning space. To this end, Lambert salvaged some material from the house to repair the barn.

“It is our intention that we will make that corner of Quincy Junction and Kelsey Lane a beautiful, growing reflection of our school and pay homage to the past by having the barn fixed up and useful again,” said Hennessy.

The demolition begins the process of readying the property for construction, which can begin when the PCS board committee finalizes its contractor choice and the final facility plans are approved.

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In the photo: Norm Lambert displays his expert excavator skills demolishing an old house at the site of the new charter school facility while salvaging material to use in restoring the adjacent barn. Photo by Ingrid Burke