Initial planning and design meeting held

Initial planning and design meeting held
Posted on 09/20/2018
PCS staff meets with construction, planning, and design professionals to work on plans for new Quincy facility.

On Sept. 20, Plumas Charter School staff convened an initial planning meeting to begin the process of formalizing plans for PCS’s new Quincy facility.

Project Manager Nick Trover attended, as did representatives of Modern Building Company, the construction firm chosen to complete the project, and Williams + Paddon Architects and Planners.

To maximize its budget and minimize construction time, PCS had chosen a “quick-ship” steel building. Staff were initially concerned that this type of facility would look and feel too industrial. However, the construction and planning professionals verified that many options in configuration and design mean today’s steel buildings can be both beautiful and functional.

Looking at the preliminary designs drawn up by Trover, the group discussed traffic flow and use, considering both adults and students. They discussed the building’s energy efficiency and overall look, considering budgetary restrictions.

Vehicle traffic, parking, and the impact on neighbors of the Kelsey Lane and Quincy Junction Road property were all considered.

Ideas flowed freely, with the various perspectives—educational use, feasibility of construction, and planning legality and logic—balancing the discussion. PCS staff will continue to work with Williams + Paddon to narrow design choices.

A recent Modern Building Company project, CORE Charter School’s Butte elementary resource center in Chico, was often brought up as an example. “We’re very grateful to have a construction team on board with experience building schools,” said PCS Executive Director Taletha Washburn. “It’s even better that they’ve worked with charter schools before!”

Site preparation began earlier in September with demolition and cleanup. The new facility will house PCS’s business office and Quincy learning center, serving TK-12. PCS also has learning centers in Indian Valley and Chester.

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In the photo: Plumas Charter School Executive Director Taletha Washburn and Project Manager Nick Trover (far right) meet with representatives of Modern Building Company and Williams + Paddon Architects and Planners to begin finalizing plans for the school's new Quincy facility. Photo by Ingrid Burke