Chester students visit Plumas Bank

Chester students visit Plumas Bank
Posted on 01/16/2019
Chester students visit Plumas BankStudents from Plumas Charter School’s Chester Learning Center display the special gifts they received during their Jan. 15 tour of Plumas Bank: $2 bills for everyone, and piggy banks for the youngsters. “Plumas Bank was so generous!” said teacher Keri Reed. As the latest in a series of community field trips for the center, the outing introduced students of all ages to the local banking facility and was accompanied by lessons on finance appropriate to each grade level.

In the photos: Younger kids, back, from left: teacher Janae LaGroue, Max Brazil, Skyler Baldwin, Zeke Baldwin, Quentin Maumoynier, Marshall Minor, Shaunacy Bengaard, Plumas Bank employee Vanessa Leal, Jackson Benny, and Jeffery Lusty. Front, from left: Evan Benny, Leo Benny, and Vincent Maumoynier. Older kids, from left: Cayleb Clark, Nick Walkewicz, Austin Pence, Hunter Sells, Josh Luther, Olivia Cushman, Jordyn Working, Lauren Nicholson, Madi Ralph, Bre Vassar, Michelle Riggs, and Plumas Bank representative Vanessa Leal. Photos courtesy Plumas Charter School
Chester students visit Plumas Bank.Older Chester students visit Plumas Bank.

Young Chester students visit Plumas Bank.

Older students visit Plumas Bank.