Talent show brings community together

Talent show brings community together
Posted on 03/19/2019
Talent show performers take the stage together.On Friday, March 8, the Indian Valley community gathered to appreciate local children’s skills at a talent show held at the Indian Valley Community Center in Greenville. The event featured students from both Indian Valley Elementary School and Plumas Charter School’s Greenville Learning Center, and benefitted both schools’ parent-teacher organizations. 

“This event was about providing the kids an opportunity to shine and to do something together as a whole community, not divided by school,” said Lindsey Buis-Kelley, PCS PTO organizer. “I think it went better than expected: we had more turnout than we anticipated and the kids had sooo much fun!”  

Tickets were $5 for a soup dinner—which was completely consumed by about 80 diners—and $1 for the show. A standing-room-only crowd of 100-plus audience members enthusiastically applauded each act.

Acts by 30-plus students included solo singing and dancing, gymnastics and judo demonstrations, a skit, ensemble dances, poetry, and even bird calls.

Their efforts were announced by IVES student Jhett Neer and amplified by local musician Ken Cawley, who volunteered his time, expertise, and sound equipment.

“When I watched the rehearsal, I knew this was going to be really special,” said Cawley.

“The purpose of the talent show was initially to let kids show off their talent and get public speaking experience,” said IVES PTO organizer Megan Neer. “We then decided to make it a little fundraiser. I thought everything came together perfectly! I was surprised how many people showed up, including people from the community that didn’t have kids in the performance but showed up and supported us.”

Two of these supporters were Ken and Linda Bailey, of Genesee. They didn’t have family members performing, but they said they know many local families and want to support local youth. 

They also expressed interest in the community center, which is managed by the Indian Valley Recreation and Parks District. In order to be better informed during upcoming public meetings, they wanted to see how the space could be used for community events.

Neer and Buis-Kelley reported that the event raised about $600, which will be evenly split between the two schools to be used for special events and field trips.

Buis-Kelley is already thinking ahead to next year, planning to make more food and create a backdrop for the stage. Organizers and community members alike said they hoped to continue the tradition of coming together around Indian Valley kids, regardless of which school they attend.

By Ingrid Burke, I. Burke Writing & Editing
[email protected]

In the photo: Nearly all of the Indian Valley joint talent show performers gather on stage for a rousing rendition of “YMCA” to close the evening, inspiring audience participation and extensive applause. Photo by Ingrid Burke