New Quincy school welcomes first visitors

PCS Quincy hosts successful open house
Posted on 08/19/2022

Over 100 well wishers gathered on Wednesday, August 17 for the first look at the new Plumas Charter School in Quincy. 

Teachers greeted past and future students while parents and community members chatted and admired the landscaping that was completed earlier that day. Even the light drizzle that fell sporadically was met with excitement. Under the newly-hung sun shades on the patio, Site Director, Patrick Joseph welcomed the crowd and offered remarks. 

“This is a huge day of gratitude for so many people that have been helpful along the way,” said Joseph.

Joseph introduced PCS Executive Director, Taletha Washburn who reminisced on the 7 years it took to complete the project. Washburn put down her printed speech when her voice caught as she sincerely thanked those involved with the project, the PCS staff and families.

Project leads joined Washburn behind the green ribbon as she cut it with a pair of oversized scissors. The crowd cheered as they filed into the building. Two green smoke sticks were set off outside in celebration and momentarily set off the fire alarm inside. Attendees commented on the alarm's efficiency and were pleased with the unplanned demonstration.

Guests popped in and out of classrooms meeting teachers and checking out the different spaces. As they meandered down the wide hallways, they munched on appetizers provided by Pangaea. Students especially enjoyed the ice cream bar provided by Mountain Valley Parents Club. The end of the self-guided tour saw the administration offices, the large conference room and finally the main entrance decorated with a school-color themed balloon arch of green, gold and white. 

Parents will pull into the freshly paved parking lot at 1425 E. Main Street to drop off their students for the first day of school on Monday, August 22.

By Rachel Goings, Public Relations Specialist  [email protected]
In the photo: 

Executive Director, Taletha Washburn cuts the ribbon and welcomes guests. Photo by Rachel Goings.