Students produce promo for PDH conference

PCS students produce video for PDH medical conference
Posted on 04/25/2024

Plumas Charter School is thrilled to announce the successful collaboration between its talented video production students, under the guidance of instructor Greg Willis, and Plumas District Hospital. The students, armed with creativity and technical prowess, have crafted a captivating promotional video for the renowned Sierra Nevada Conservation & Wilderness Medicine Conference, showcasing its unique offerings and scenic location.

The students, with help from their teacher and PCS technology specialist Ryan Willis utilized a drone, a GoPro, a professional-grade camera and industry-standard editing software and computers to produce the visually stunning representation of the medical conference. Click the link below to view the full video! From sweeping aerial shots of the picturesque camp located at the UC Berkeley Forestry Camp in Meadow Valley, to intimate interviews with conference organizers and participants, the video promises to both inform and inspire.

In a recent article titled 'Stars of CTE: Plumas Charter Program Provides Backlight for Media Career Success,' North Far North Regional Consortium spotlighted the impactful strides made by PCS in nurturing budding talents within the media industry. For more insights into the success stories emerging from the program, you can read the full article here.

The media project originated when conference director Dr. Jeffery Kepple contacted local photographer and K12 pathway coordinator Lisa Kelly for assistance in capturing the essence of the conference through photography. Recognizing an opportunity for collaboration, Kelly proposed involving PCS' design, visual, and media arts pathway students to produce a high-quality video in addition.

Kelly expressed her enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, "The big picture and most relevant outcome here is that the students have now created a very fruitful partnership to support PDH in marketing their unique programs and conversely, PDH will provide input for effective marketing of a hallmark program. One element of a high-quality pathway is a student-based organization - or enterprise. This is a perfect example."

The resulting promotional video serves as a testament to the creativity, professionalism, and collaborative spirit of PCS students. “In this project, just as in professional filmmaking, it takes a team effort to create something great. Like pieces of a puzzle, each team member contributes to the final product. But, much like in editing, a lot of work ends up on the cutting room floor, unseen, yet essential to the process,” said Willis. By partnering with organizations like the Sierra Nevada Conservation & Wilderness Medicine Conference, PCS continues to provide real-world learning experiences that prepare students for future success in their chosen fields.

The conference is supported through the combined efforts of PDH, Plumas Health Care Foundation and the UC Berkeley Forestry camp. The event is open to both healthcare and non-healthcare professionals, including students and residents. Visit the Sierra Nevada Conservation & Wilderness Medicine Conference website for more information. 

The design, visual and media arts pathway is part of the grant-funded Career and Technical Education program at PCS. In addition to this pathway, the  CTE program offers nine other areas of study; agriscience, manufacturing and metal fabrication, food service and hospitality, forestry and natural resources, hospitality, tourism and recreation, patient care, performing arts, public safety, and software systems. The charter school utilizes the K12 Strong Workforce grant program to establish new pathways and expand existing pathways.
By Rachel Goings, Public Relations Specialist  [email protected] ____________________________________________ Photo Above: The film crew and editing team of the medical conference promotional video from Plumas Charter School. From left, PCS technology specialist Ryan Willis, PCS design, visual, and media arts pathway coordinator Greg Willis, Sophomore Oisin Gallagher, Junior Cyrus Stevens, Junior Jonathan Pence and Senior Leo Kusener.. Photo by Rachel Goings.