COVID-19 Information & Resources

As the months tick by and COVID-19 mandates and guidelines adjust according to reported cases, PCS is actively working to provide our families and staff with up-to-date resources and information.  We made the decision to start the 2020-21 school year with a hybrid of onsite and distance learning.  This decision is only possible by embracing and strictly adhering to health and safety guidelines so we can mitigate the risks associated with virus transmission for in-person learning.  

All parents or guardians with students attending onsite classes are required to read and acknowledge the guidelines and policies set forth in the  Additional information, resources, and links are provided below and in the other pages in this tab.  Please contact your school site staff with questions or concerns you have.

The following videos created by our school nurse explain COVID and introduce safety guidelines. One is designed for students in transitional kindergarten through second grade, one is designed for third- through sixth-graders, and one is designed for seventh- through 12th-graders. These videos have been shared in class, but please watch and discuss at home as well!

CDC - Symptoms of Coronavirus

CDC - Resources

Plumas County Health Department - reported cases, resources, and information