Walk and Roll to School Day

Walk and Roll to School Day
Posted on 10/12/2023

Squeals of excitement muted the sound of crunching leaves under the bike tires, scooters, skateboards and sneakers of over a hundred Plumas Charter School students on Thursday, October 12. With every breath visible on the crisp autumn morning, they traveled to the Quincy Learning Center, participating in the national campaign: Walk & Roll to School Day. 

The ninth-grade health class took charge of the event led by their teacher and school nurse, Danielle Plocki. The goal of the campaign was to encourage physical activity, safe pedestrian and bicycling skills, environmental awareness and sharing time with community leaders, parents and children. All students were invited to walk, bike, scooter, skateboard or roller skate to school while the ninth-graders lined the path, supervised cross walks and made sure their younger peers got to school safely. 

Grocery Outlet served as a meeting point for families traveling further distances and the store also generously donated snacks to fuel the participants. Staff members and parent volunteers lined the route to school to offer a helping hand and to cheer on the kids. As the students got closer to the school, they were met with the sound of dance music on the speakers and cheers from their teachers. Each participant was presented with a school water bottle and PCS sticker to commemorate the event. 

Plocki said the feedback from parents and the students about the event was overwhelmingly positive. “This is definitely something we want to do more often,” she said.

By Rachel Goings, Public Relations Specialist  [email protected]
In the photo: PCS students and staff members participated in the Walk & Roll to School event on Thursday, Oct 12. Photo by Danielle Plocki.