College-level math class offered to PCS students

New Dual-Enrollment Math Class
Posted on 01/11/2023

Students can now fulfill their high school and college math requirements at the same time by taking a dual-enrollment college algebra class taught at PCS.

Site Coordinator, Keri Reed will teach the Feather River College class at PCS’ Chester Learning Center. Six students from Chester are currently enrolled in the new class and PCS plans to offer it to Quincy and Indian Valley Academy students via video conferencing next school year. 

Reed recently earned her masters in mathematics which qualifies her to teach the undergrad class. The partnership with FRC helps students get a step ahead by the time they graduate high school. “Students who successfully complete the course will have the college algebra requirement fulfilled should they choose a course of study in college that requires it,” said Reed.

The pilot-class begins on January 24 and meets twice a week at the Chester Learning Center.

By Rachel Goings, Public Relations Specialist  [email protected]