Sixth-graders advance to middle school

Sixth-graders advance to middle school
Posted on 06/11/2024

Plumas Charter School’s Quincy Learning Center and Indian Valley Academy celebrated the completion of elementary school by holding sixth-grade commencement ceremonies during the first week of June. 

Quincy Learning Center: 

The Quincy Learning Center celebrated a significant milestone as the sixth-grade graduation ceremony took place at the Plumas-Sierra County Fairgrounds on Wednesday, June 5. The evening was filled with pride, joy, and heartfelt reflections as students, parents, and staff gathered to honor the achievements of the young graduates.

The event commenced with a warm welcome from Quincy site director, Phil Rader, who greeted the assembled parents, staff and students. His opening remarks set a positive tone for the evening, acknowledging the hard work and dedication of both students and educators throughout the school year.

Following Rader’s welcome, motivational  speaker Mister Brown took the stage to deliver the first of three PCS graduation speeches that week. “When you make better choices, you will live a better life,” he explained to the students. He encouraged the sixth graders to work hard, celebrate, and repeat. 

Next, sixth-grade teacher Cindy Thackery took the stage. Thackery reflected on the journey the students had taken during their time in elementary school. She shared memorable moments, celebrated the growth and accomplishments of each student, and offered words of encouragement as they prepared to embark on their next educational adventure.

The highlight of the evening was the presentation of certificates of completion to Aidyn Ayotte, Haylee Braswell, Carter Clift, Sylvia Klauck, Jenavie LaMattina, Laureli Marchus, Sky Plocki, Emma Sigle, Oakley Simmons, Austin Sommer, Adah Washburn and Isabella Williams. 

As each student walked across the stage to receive their certificate from their teacher, applause and cheers filled the air, celebrating their hard-earned achievements. This moment marked the official end of their elementary school journey and the beginning of a new chapter in middle school.

The celebration spilled over to the lawn area where sixth-grade graduates and their families enjoyed an ice cream social. 

Indian Valley Academy

June 6, 2024 marked a bittersweet milestone for IVA, as it hosted its final sixth-grade graduation ceremony. The event celebrated the achievements of the graduating students while signaling a significant transition for the school and the community.

The ceremony was held in the Historic Taylorsville Hall where teacher Lauren McIntyre led the ceremony and presented Cody Bentz, Roran Hutchison-Reid, Cecilyna Lowery, Alyssa McIntyre, Taylor Millie, Piper Patterson and Kali Winters with their certificates of completion. Her words of encouragement and reflection highlighted the students' accomplishments and the bright futures that lie ahead for them.

McIntyre took the opportunity to recognize three parent volunteers that were instrumental in the student’s success this year. She thanked Tara Winters and Adrienne Patterson for their help transporting the students to and from their band instruction at Greenville Elementary School twice a week. She also thanked Jennifer Bentz who has been an IVA elementary volunteer for seven years, organizing and helping at countless events and activities. 

Up next was special guest speaker, Mister Brown. Encouraging the sixth-graders that they can do hard things, he shared his message of perseverance. “As you celebrate your achievements, remember that there are hard things ahead. We all have the choice to let it break us, or make us stronger,” he said. Brown ended his speech by asking the graduates to stand and thank their family and friends for helping them to do hard things. 

This sixth-grade graduation holds particular significance as it marks the end of IVA's elementary program. Starting next school year, PCS will no longer offer an elementary program in Indian Valley, beginning the start of an eight-year agreement with Plumas Unified School District (PUSD). As part of this transition, PUSD will continue to operate Greenville Elementary School (GES), and discontinue the junior-senior high school, Greenville High School (GHS).

In turn, PCS will discontinue its elementary program and focus solely on operating its junior-senior high school, Indian Valley Academy, which will be housed at the GHS facility rented from PUSD. This reorganization aims to streamline educational offerings in the region and better serve the community's needs.

The graduation ceremony concluded with a mix of celebration and nostalgia, as families reflected on the end of an era for the IVA elementary program. The community's strong support and the dedication of the educators have laid a solid foundation for the students' future success.

By Rachel Goings, Public Relations Specialist  [email protected]

In the photo: IVA parent volunteers decorated the Historic Taylorsville Hall to celebrate the sixth-graders' promotion to middle school. Photo by Rachel Goings.