Students build birdhouses; Support native birds

Students Build Birdhouses to Support Native Bird Populations
Posted on 04/22/2024

In an exciting culmination of their exploration into avian habitats, students from Plumas Charter School’s Indian Valley Academy completed a hands-on project to build birdhouses tailored to the needs of local bird species. Under the guidance of Liz Ramsey from Plumas Audubon Society, and Daniel Perry, PCS’s GrizzlyCorp Fellow, the students delved into the world of birds, learning about their habitats, behaviors and the importance of conservation.

Throughout the program, students embarked on field trips to various natural areas, honing their skills in bird identification and gaining a deeper understanding of the intricate ecosystems that support local bird populations. These experiences not only fostered a greater appreciation for wildlife but also instilled a sense of responsibility towards environmental stewardship.

The highlight of the project was the construction of birdhouses specifically designed to accommodate the needs of different bird species found in the habitats near their homes. Using wood from Indian Valley Lumber in Taylorsville, students spent an afternoon piecing together birdhouses that will provide safe spaces for local birds to nest and raise their young.

To further enhance the impact of their efforts, each student will receive a native plant from Floral Native Nursery in Chico. These plants are carefully selected to support the birds that will inhabit their birdhouses, either by directly providing food sources or by creating habitats for the insects that birds rely on for sustenance.

The initiative underscores the importance of nurturing students who are equipped with the knowledge and skills to protect and preserve the natural world for future generations.

By Rachel Goings, Public Relations Specialist  [email protected]
Photo Above: Proud builders! Students John Ryan, Cody and Weston showcase their crafted birdhouses, each tailored to suit the needs of local bird species. Photo by Liz Ramsey.