PCS announces approval of special use permit, loan

Special use permit approval and loan approval open the door to the next phase for PCS Quincy facility
Posted on 08/01/2018
Vicinity map shows where new Plumas Charter School facility will be built in Quincy, CA.

Work on Plumas Charter School’s new facility in Quincy can move forward to the bid process now that two major milestones have been achieved: both the Plumas County special use permit and federal loan have been approved.

At a meeting July 11, the Plumas County Planning Department approved the special use permit for the facility, which will be located on a parcel near Quincy High School at Kelsey Lane and Quincy Junction Road. The 10-day appeal process elapsed without incident, meaning that the permit is now finalized.

The special use permit process with the county took 18 months to complete, said PCS Executive Director Taletha Washburn.

At two years, the process to secure the federal loan was even longer. Now that the loan has been approved, the school can put the project out to bid.

Washburn said PCS plans to seek contractor bids from Plumas and Butte counties. The design-build project requires the selected contractor to be responsible for all phases of development and construction.

A PCS board committee will oversee the contractor selection process.

PCS is working with project manager Nick Trover to manage the new facility project.

In the photo: The new facility will be located on a parcel bordered by Kelsey Lane and Quincy Junction Road in Quincy.