QLC creates end-of-year dance video

QLC creates end-of-year dance video
Posted on 06/04/2021
Students in kindergarten through sixth grade danced and lip-synced to "We're All In This Together" in a collaborative end-of-year video edited and produced by ninth-grader Lilah Washburn.To celebrate the end of the 2020-2021 school year, Plumas Charter School’s Quincy Learning Center created a collaborative dance video to the song “We’re All In This Together” from “High School Musical.” The video is available on YouTube (https://youtu.be/cKFXnSsFAgI) and on this page below, and features dancing and lip-syncing by students in kindergarten through sixth grade.

PCS’s school nurse, Danielle Wagner Plocki, is also the longtime director of The Magic Beanstalk Players, dramaworks’s youth theater program in Quincy. She planned the video, choreographed the dance moves, and taught 10 different cohorts of students.

“As someone who loves to sing and dance with kids, I was excited to be asked to choreograph an end-of-the-year song for our Quincy K-6 students,” she said. “I chose this song because the title is such an appropriate theme for navigating such a challenging year.”

After the students practiced their moves for several weeks, QLC Site Director Patrick Joseph filmed each cohort individually. Finally, ninth-grader Lilah Washburn edited the clips together and produced the final video with support from music and performing arts teacher Greg Willis.

“The production process of this goofy video was really fun to put together!” said Washburn. “It’s like I got to see the experience and make it the best/most fun I could before sharing it with our community. I loved how hyped up the K-6 students were even if they felt awkward at first.”

As a personalized learning school, PCS actively encourages the development of characteristics such as resilience, collaboration, and creativity. This joyful end-of-year celebration highlights those qualities.

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By Ingrid Burke, Public Relations Specialist
[email protected]

In the photo: Fourth-grader Richard Coats takes a turn with the mic as he and his classmates dance to “We’re All In This Together” in Plumas Charter School’s Quincy Learning Center end-of-year video. Photo courtesy Plumas Charter School