PCS graduates Class of 2020

PCS graduates Class of 2020
Posted on 06/10/2020
PCS teachers celebrate Jasmine Kinsler's graduationAs a personalized learning school, Plumas Charter is no stranger to creativity and individualized education — PCS staff and teachers made full use of these skills last week as they honored 31 graduates in the Class of 2020.

Social distancing requirements precluded hosting a large traditional graduation ceremony, but PCS found ways to show pride and support for each graduating senior as he or she marked the completion of high school.

Graduates received customized senior sweatshirts, and music teacher Greg Willis created a video sharing each graduate’s photos and plans for the future. Unique individualized graduation celebrations were also held in students’ home communities for each of PCS’s three high school learning centers.

Some graduates had been with PCS for many years, while others had enrolled only toward the end of their time in high school. Hard work and perseverance were highlighted throughout.

Future plans are as unique as the young men and women of the Class of 2020: some graduates plan to attend college (some have already accrued many college credits through concurrent enrollment), while some plan to enter or continue in the workforce. Many young people will stay in the Plumas County area, while some plan to move elsewhere. And areas of study vary from nursing to agriculture to firefighting to cosmetology to outdoor recreation leadership.

“I would like to extend my heartfelt congratulations to our resilient and determined seniors,” said PCS’s executive director, Taletha Washburn. “We appreciate and value the effort and commitment each of you has shown. Please know that the staff of PCS is here to support you in any way we can as you take your next steps. Congratulations to the Class of 2020. We’re very proud of you.”

Indian Valley Academy
PCS’s Indian Valley Academy, in Taylorsville, graduated 14 seniors. On the evening of June 5, graduates and their families participated in a “graduation caravan” on Main Street. PCS staff and teachers assembled in front of the IVA building while families and community members lined the street, everyone maintaining social distancing.

As each graduate’s vehicle arrived at IVA to unique musical accompaniment, the graduate disembarked and listened to personalized remarks from IVA Site Director Ryan Schramel. After receiving special gifts and a personalized banner, graduates and their families had portraits taken.

Quincy Learning Center
PCS’s Quincy Learning Center graduated 11; in the Quincy area, staff took the graduation ceremony to the students in a home visit caravan. A podium complete with decorations was mounted on a trailer, and its arrival at each graduate’s house during the afternoon of June 5 was announced by teacher Casey Peters playing “Pomp and Circumstance” on the trumpet.

Washburn delivered graduation remarks, and Brittini Wade, teacher and QLC site coordinator, offered a personalized address. After gifts and photos, the trailer and caravan were loaded up for travel to the next house.

Chester Learning Center
PCS’s Chester Learning Center graduated six seniors this year, and teachers made home visits June 5 there as well, complete with photos, gifts, and yard signs.

Scroll down to view graduation photo galleries and the PCS graduation video. Navigate through this website to learn more about PCS; we are a public school serving students in transitional kindergarten through 12th grade throughout Plumas and adjacent counties.

By Ingrid Burke, Public Relations Specialist
[email protected]

In the photo: Plumas Charter School teachers and staff celebrate Jasmine Kinsler's graduation from the Quincy Learning Center with a home visit ceremony June 5. From left: teacher Casey Peters, teacher and site coordinator Brittini Wade, teacher Johnny Stafford, Executive Director Taletha Washburn, teacher Hannah Stewart, Kinsler, and teacher Jenna Moreno. Photo by Maggie Hennessy

Quincy Learning Center graduate remarks by Brittini Wade
Derek joined Plumas Charter School for his senior year. He is a respectful and attentive student. He plans on moving away from Plumas County after graduation.

Jaden has been with PCS since junior high. He has enjoyed taking advantage of Feather River College’s concurrent enrollment and has received many college credits already. He plans on attending Walla Walla University and wants to major in studio arts.

Meadow completed her PCS requirements at the end of the fall semester and has been attending FRC ever since. She plans on finishing up her general ed requirements next semester and has hopes to transfer to a four-year college in the Bay Area -- hopefully near a beach! Meadow enjoys playing volleyball and being around her friends.

Ethan has been a part of PCS for three years now. He is a very social person who loves being around others. Ethan would like to become a firefighter one day.

Jasmine is a really easy going person. She joined PCS two years ago. She is graduating early and is planning on attending college of the redwoods and wants to one day become a registered nurse.

Cheyanne joined PCS for her senior year. She finished all of her graduation requirements early. Her goal is to one day go to cosmetology school and eventually start her own business.

Thea has been a part of PCS since middle school. She is a very theatrical person. She is graduating early due to her taking college classes and receiving dual credit. She plans on attending FRC and pursuing the outdoor recreation leadership program. She hopes to transfer to UC Santa Cruz to continue her education. When asked what her favorite part about PCS was, she said she "appreciated having a personalized learning program which helped her become a more responsible and self-reliant individual.”

Brianna is a bubbly, fun young lady! She currently works as a vet technician assistant. She enjoys riding her horse, training her 4-H pig, and hanging out with her dog. She wants to continue working as a vet technician and may attend college in the near future.

Austin joined PCS for his senior year. He plans on working at the mill for two years and then wants to go to school to be an English teacher. He enjoys riding dirt bikes and playing video games.

Trevor worked hard to graduate early. He is a quiet yet hard-working young man. He is currently working at Lazzarino Machine Works.

Lillian is a very sweet young lady. She came to PCS for her last semester of her senior year. She plans on attending FRC and joining the nursing program.