Students share what makes them shine

Students share what makes them shine
Posted on 12/12/2019
Finale: "Ain't No Mountain High Enough"The Town Hall Theater on Main Street filled with families Nov. 21 for Plumas Charter School’s annual Fall Performance. Students from the school’s Quincy Learning Center took to the stage for an evening filled with song, dance, and stand-up comedy.

This year’s theme was “What Makes You Shine?” The walls of the theater lobby were covered with mini posters presenting students’ photos and quotes sharing their favorite qualities and activities.

PCS is a personalized learning school, meaning that teachers and administrators seek to help students define their goals and succeed as individuals. In introducing the performance, organizer and instructional aide Lindsey Kimzey expressed the importance PCS teachers and staff place on helping to guide students in discovering their strengths and dreams.

“That’s what tonight’s show is about,” she said. “Helping your children find what they feel good about and what makes them shine. We want you to know how special and unique all of your children are and we try to honor that every day at the charter school.”

After a chili dinner was served, raising funds for the sixth-graders’ upcoming multiday field trip, Executive Director Taletha Washburn opened the evening with a school update. She addressed families, sharing the latest on PCS’s facility project, test scores, and accreditation renewal. She reminded everyone that she has an open-door policy and welcomes their input.

“Be involved,” she said. “Your input into our programs is what drives our programs.”

The show began with songs by junior high and high school musicians on ukulele, mandolin, guitar, and bass. The students were joined on stage by music teacher and event co-organizer Greg Willis.

Next up were kindergartners, who sang and danced to Bobby McFerrin’s “Don’t Worry, Be Happy.” Their performance included sign language and a segment in which each child presented his or her own unique dance move.

After the youngest students found their families in the audience, first- and second-graders danced the Macarena to the R&B classic “Celebration,” followed by third-graders with an a cappella rendition of “You Gotta Be” by Des’ree. During transitions between acts, individual students and small groups took the mic to tell jokes.

Next up were fourth- and fifth-graders dressed in sports uniforms and dancing to “All Star” by Smash Mouth. Their choreography included baseball, basketball, and soccer moves. Another fourth- and fifth-grade group followed with a dance to “This Is Me” from the movie “The Greatest Showman.”

Sixth-graders took the stage next: three girls gathered around the mic to sing “Brave” by Sara Bareilles while their fellow students took turns in the spotlight presenting their favorite dance moves. Finally, an all-girl group sang Naomi Scott’s “Speechless.”

As the finale, all the students gathered on the stage for the soul standby “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough.”

Willis and Kimzey acknowledged the essential behind-the-scenes work of 10th-grader Emily Fullerton, who operated the sound board for the evening, and ninth-grader Marlin Zittrer, who staffed the lighting booth. Dance teacher Shealyn Schwartz created and led most of the evening’s choreography.

Scroll down to view a video of the performance (in two parts), see more photos, and find out what students say makes them shine. To learn more about Plumas Charter School, including current enrollment opportunities, call (530) 283-3851.

By Ingrid Burke, Public Relations Specialist
[email protected]

In the photo: The strains of “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” fill the Town Hall Theater during the finale to Plumas Charter School’s Fall Performance on Nov. 21. Students in kindergarten through 10th grade gathered on the stage for the final number, ending the show on an energetic note. Photo by Ingrid Burke

Watch the performance below (in two parts)!

    What Makes You Shine? PCS students answer:

    “I have amazing friends! I love animals and basketball!” —Ava Akridge, 5th grade
    “I shine when I am tough!” —Kylan Arsenault, kindergarten
    “I can win every game in soccer!” —Emerson Artaz-Gilbert, 4th grade
    “I am playful, kind, loving, fun, helpful, thankful, and caring!” —Aidyn Ayotte, 2nd grade
    “I shine when I’m with my mama!” —Kenzie Ayotte, kindergarten
    “I have perseverance!” —Troy Ayotte, 6th grade
    “It makes me feel like an achiever All-Star!” —Jameson Barnett, 4th grade
    “I am unique and artistic!” —James Barrett, 5th grade
    “I am creative! I dance and sing!” —Haylee Braswell, 2nd grade
    “I shine at dancing!” —Ayden Carnes, 6th grade
    “I am a good listener, and kind!” —Alice Coats, 1st grade
    “I am playful and thankful!” —Richard Coats, 3rd grade
    “I am creative, brave, and crazy in a good way!” —Maverick Coy, 6th grade
    “I am persistent! I am good at art, and singing makes me happy!” —Zia Cressy, 3rd grade
    “I love family! I am determined, kind, loving, and helpful!” —Liam Dale, 1st grade
    “I love being silly!” —Gracie Davis, 6th grade
    “When I play baseball, it makes me happy, and makes me shine!” —Ben De La Montanya, 5th grade
    “I can draw good, and I have a big imagination!” —Tara Dotta, 6th grade
    “When I get ready by myself!” —Siah Elliot, kindergarten
    “A bath makes me shine!” —John Paul Ferreboeuf-Gilbert, 6th grade
    “When I snuggle with my kitten, and play with my dinosaurs, and wear my best fox costume!” —Ali Foss, kindergarten
    “I work hard and I have grit!” —Emily Fullerton, 10th grade
    “I am brave, and I never give up!” —Wyatt Fullerton, 6th grade
    “Being social makes me shine!” —Jakodi Gallagher, 5th grade
    “I am fair and compassionate!” —Oisin Gallagher, 6th grade
    “When I’m playing, and cuddling my dad, mom, baby brother, and cat!” —Zalian Gilliam, kindergarten
    “I have perseverance!” —Rowley Guthrie, 6th grade
    “I am brave and confident!” —Lilyanne Hahn, 1st grade
    “I shine while wearing jewelry!” —Abby Hepner, kindergarten
    “When I’m playing with my friends!” —Brin Hepner, kindergarten
    “I shine when I’m dancing!” —Laurel Hepner, kindergarten
    “Gymnastics makes me shine!” —Idalise Hoznour, 4th grade
    “When I’m doing gymnastics!” —Paytin Hoznour, kindergarten
    “I am kind, brave, fast running, strong climbing, and helpful! We all shine together…” —Traveler Hydrick, 3rd grade
    “I am awesome at soccer, and I believe in myself!” —Logan Hymas, 3rd grade
    “Sports make me shine because I think it’s fun!” —Samantha Hymas, 5th grade
    “When I make Liliana and Kenzie some pictures!” —Autumn Jay, kindergarten
    “I shine when I cuddle my kitten!” —Simone Jeskey, kidnergarten
    “Being the only girl, and having different hobbies like riding horses!” —Lucy Joseph, 5th grade
    “I shine at making funny voices!” —Morgan Joseph, 4th grade
    “I am playful and happy!” —Kenzie King, 1st grade
    “I shine at playing soccer!” —Ty King, 5th grade
    “I am loving, caring, and smart!” —Sylvia Klauck, 2nd grade
    “I shine when I save bugs!” —Penny Koskinen, kindergarten
    “I am a great rapper!” —August LaMattina, 4th grade
    “I am loving, nice, and responsible!” —Jenavie LaMattina, 2nd grade
    “I love biking and doing jumps!” —Isaiah Leff, 5th grade
    “I am smart and creative!” —Charlotte Lohn, 1st grade
    “I’m great at sports!” —Porter Lohn, 4th grade
    “I am fun!” —Everett MacDonald, 2nd grade
    “I shine when I cuddle with my whole family!” —Emma Marchus, kindergarten
    “I am loving, kind, and caring!” —Laureli Marchus, 2nd grade
    “I am artistic, loving, helpful, and nice!” —Eldie Marcigliano, 2nd grade
    “I am an athlete, and I’m playful!” —Kodie McAllister, 3rd grade
    “I am unique, and I’m my original self!” —Isis McGill, 5th grade
    “I am Emotional, and I have perseverance!” —Isaac Mendez, 6th grade
    “I shine when I help grasshoppers!” —Liliana Mendez, kindergarten
    “I am really smart!” —Santiago Mendez, 5th grade
    “I am kind, playful, imaginative, and musical!” —Dylan Miller, 3rd grade
    “I am really short!” —Kiersten Molina, 6th grade
    “I shine at video games!” —Logan Molina, 6th grade
    “I shine because I am funny!” —Jordan Montgomery, 6th grade
    “I am loving!” —Jenna Moore, 1st grade
    “When I’m driving my RC car!” —Grayson Olschowka, kindergarten
    “I’m athletic, and it’s easy for me to make babies laugh!” —Alastair Olson, 3rd grade
    “I am loving, kind, and playful!” —Olivia Pence, 1st grade
    “I am smart and kind!” —Sky Plocki, 2nd grade
    “Cars make me shine!” —Aideyn Purdy-Knudson, 6th grade
    “I am kind, playful, and awesome at football!” —Colton Quade, 3rd grade
    “I am brave and colorful!” —Freddie Quinn, 2nd grade
    “I can run really fast, and draw really good!” —Jade Quinn, 4th grade
    “I am playful! I learn from my elders, and I’m good at setting traps!” —Skylar Ralston, 3rd grade
    “I do school work good! I help my friends and family!” —Riley Randazzo, 4th grade
    “What makes me shine is soccer, baseball, and basketball!” —Jaxon Rider, 4th grade
    “My personality!” —Jake Ringo, 8th grade
    “When I smile!” —Seth Salee, kindergarten
    “I shine when I play dress-up!” —Amythyst Shuler, kindergarten
    “Basketball makes me shine! I feel good when I do a lay-up!” —Blake Sigle, 5th grade
    “I am kind, happy, loving, respectful, and helpful!” —Oakley Simmons, 2nd grade
    “I shine when I wear my red panda costume!” —Bodhi Simonetti, kindergarten
    “I shine when I play with kids I don’t know, and when being friendly!” —Austin Sommer, 2nd grade
    “When we go to Polka Dot!” —Cailyn Srouji, kindergarten
    “I am good at driving remote controlled cars!” —Carsyn Srouji, 3rd grade
    “I shine at learning!” —Serena Srouji, 1st grade
    “I build big dinosaur traps, communicate with animals, and have deep friendships!” —Emma Stafford, 3rd grade
    “I am kind, caring, and funny!” —Ozzy Steinbrenner, 3rd grade
    “I am flexible!” —Stella Blue Stoy, 3rd grade
    “I am really kind, playful, and imaginative!” —Emily Sweeney, 3rd grade
    “I like sports! I’m nice to my friends! I have amazing friends!” —Lindsey Valadez, 5th grade
    “I shine because of huskies! I love them!” —Carter Vaughn, 4th grade
    “I have perseverance!” —Preston Vaughn, 6th grade
    “I shine by persevering and not complaining!” —Reilly Vaughn, 6th grade
    “My music, my friends, and my family makes me shine!” —Lilah Washburn, 8th grade
    “I shine when I help someone. I feel proud of myself!” —Ember West, kindergarten
    “I shine when I really, really, really like to draw!” —Marjorie Wilson, kindergarten
    “I shine when I cuddle with my mama and dada!” —Addilynn Winters, kindergarten
    “I am a jokester, and I have style!” —Laylie Wisniewski, 3rd grade