Chester Learning Center expands

Chester Learning Center expands
Posted on 04/17/2019
Chester students enjoy their new space.With increasing enrollment, Plumas Charter School has added another classroom space at the Chester Learning Center: Suite B at 135 Main St. The additional suite adjoins the existing K–8 classroom in Suite A. Just on the other side of the Chester Progressive offices is the Chester Learning Center high school space, in Suites E and F. With a newly installed door linking the two rooms, teachers and students have already begun to use the new space for independent study work and tutoring.

By Ingrid Burke, I. Burke Writing & Editing
[email protected]

In the photo: From left: teacher Janae LaGroue, Jeffery Lusty, Quentin Maumoynier, Landin Minor, Skyler Baldwin, Callan Wiseman, Vincent Maumoynier, Ezekiel Baldwin, and instructional aide Katie Morris. Photo by Ingrid Burke