GLC goes old school — literally

Greenville Learning Center goes old school — literally
Posted on 04/10/2019
Students stand up to recite at the old schoolhouse.Last month, as part of Greenville Learning Center’s “100 Years Ago” social studies and language arts theme, students took a field trip to the Old Sacramento Schoolhouse Museum in historical Old Sacramento.

Guided by volunteers who teach students what school life was like in the old days, students sang songs, did a math lesson on chalkboard slates, and had a spelling bee, said GLC’s Lauren McIntyre.

“They also learned what the expectations were for girls and boys,” she said. “For example, boys sat on one side of the classroom, and girls on the other. They were taught how to ‘make your manners’ before being seated. Boys had to say good morning and bow, and girls said good morning with a curtsy.”

McIntyre said that students were surprised to learn that most of the girls’ dresses were made from flour sacks, and that everyone drank from a ladle out of the same water bucket that the boys were responsible for filling each morning.

After their field trip, students researched and presented reports on topics of their choice from the early 1900s. McIntyre said that she and her fellow teachers were “above and beyond proud” of the hard work and dedication the students put in.

“I learned many new things about the past throughout this entire process,” she said. “I know they did, too!”

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By Ingrid Burke, I. Burke Writing & Editing
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In the photo: Greenville Learning Center students stand up to recite in front of the class. Guided by a volunteer in the role of an old-time teacher, the students were learning what school was like in the old days. From left: Dalton Bentz, Jesse McLain, Holden Cook, Marley Carpenter, Lynea Litchfield, Kadee Mckinney, and Lucy Bentz. Photo by Lauren McIntyre