Students volunteer to help neighbors

Students volunteer to help neighbors
Posted on 12/05/2018
PCS students volunteer to help neighbors with raking.Plumas Charter School students got into the holiday spirit of giving by helping neighbors in need Nov. 30.

PCS Outdoor Education Coordinator Courtney Gomola identified Quincy residents within about a mile of the school’s 80 Main St. site that could use help raking their yards, prioritizing those who are elderly and/or disabled.

Accompanied by their teachers, junior high and high school students raked and bagged leaves, leaving lawns and yards tidy before the coming snow. Local farmer Emily Bryant was on hand to haul the leaves away to compost at Follow Your Heart Farm.

Gomola said she hopes student community service will become an ongoing tradition for PCS. For more information, call 530-283-3851 or email [email protected]

By Ingrid Burke, I. Burke Writing & Editing
[email protected]

In the photo: From left, 10th-graders Kylie Anderson, Dominick Brandvold, and Thea Nicoles pose with Quincy neighbor Gordon Lewis. As a way of giving back to their community, the teens cleaned up Lewis’s yard. Photo by Ingrid Burke