PCS students Dare2Dream

PCS students Dare2Dream
Posted on 11/28/2018
PCS students gather at the Dare2Dream conference in Sacramento.In October, students from Indian Valley Academy were able to participate in the Dare2Dream conference in Sacramento. This motivational conference empowers people to “dream, plan, and live their most fulfilling life.”

“Dare2Dream exposed our students to the many different ways of building a ‘road map’ for their future,” said IVA’s Sue Weber, who accompanied the highschoolers. “We’ve been telling students for years, ‘If you just work harder you’ll get to where you want to go.’ That no longer applies in today’s society. It now takes conscious effort to pick up a new lens to view how to maneuver the world students are entering.”

Attending students said they were motivated on two levels: they were inspired personally, and also came away with career ideas.

“Dare2Dream impacted the way I see my future,” said 10th-grader Kaya Linford. “It helped me to see that if I try as hard as I can I have a lot of potential. I really liked the guest speakers that shared their journeys with us. They were very inspirational to me and what I want to do with my careers in life.”

Fellow 10th-grader Ailish Carmichael said Dare2Dream “was very inspiring; it really helped me to see all of my options on what I want to do in the future.”

“This convention helped me to see that there are people out in the world who come from terrible backgrounds and can change the world. Dare2Dream really motivated me to stay on track with my dreams and to keep up my hard work. Dare2Dream was an amazing experience.”

Pam Lyman, administrative assistant at IVA, said she frequently hears kids say they don’t know what they want to do yet. But “figuring out what you want to do is networking and exploring different options”—precisely what is offered by Dare2Dream.

Lyman also pointed out that a trip to the capital offers a great opportunity for students to see part of California beyond Indian Valley.

Dare2Dream is an annual event presented by 1Life Fully Lived, a Portola-based organization that seeks to “create a massively impactful paradigm shift for our society” by making it “cool to care about your life.”

Between two annual events, one in Sacramento and one in Philadelphia, 1Life Fully Lived reports that Dare2Dream attracts 1,500 participants from all socioeconomic backgrounds. The event uses an “inclusive approach that provides holistic support in the areas of life planning and purpose, personal health, relationships, wealth building and investments, entrepreneurship, and mindfulness and spirituality.”

For more information about 1Life Fully Lived, visit 1lifefullylived.org. For more information about Indian Valley Academy, a branch of Plumas Charter School, call 530-284-7050.

By Ingrid Burke, I. Burke Writing & Editing
[email protected]

In the photo: Indian Valley Academy students take time out from inspirational presentations at the Dare2Dream conference in Sacramento. Back, from left: Tim Rhode, founder of 1Life Fully Lived; Sue Weber, Indian Valley Academy; Kaya Linford, 10th grade; Averi McIntyre, 11th grade; Ailish Carmichael, 10th grade. Front, from left: Madi Goss, 10th grade; Jazmin Banks, 11th grade. Photo courtesy Indian Valley Academy