PCS offers in-house audiometry

PCS offers in-house audiometry starting this year
Posted on 07/25/2018
Danielle Wagner Plocki demonstrates a hearing test using Plumas Charter School's new audiometer.

Danielle Wagner Plocki, RN, who provides school nurse services to Plumas Charter School, recently earned her school audiometrist certification from California State University, San Bernardino. Along with PCS's new audiometer, this enables her to provide in-house hearing screenings for PCS students starting in the fall. “The screenings test hearing at various frequencies or pitches that are important for understanding speech,” said Wagner Plocki, indicating that they will be offered to students at a range of ages. “Taking this course has given me a whole new appreciation for our sense of hearing.” She urges hearing loss prevention by encouraging parents to protect their own and their children’s hearing during exposure to loud sounds, such as those from music, power tools, and firearms.

By Ingrid Burke, I. Burke Writing & Editing
[email protected]

In the photo: Danielle Wagner Plocki, RN, right, demonstrates an audiometry hearing screening on Plumas Charter School enrichment instructor Saraha Michelle Black using the school’s new audiometer. Photo by Ingrid Burke